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Questions about COVIDaware MN

We value your feedback. It helps us understand how COVIDaware MN is working for Minnesotans.

Before you contact us, check our FAQs.

We are not able to respond to every inquiry we receive. However, we are using your comments and questions to add Troubleshooting FAQs and other answers to our FAQs and to make improvements to COVIDaware MN. Check to see if your question has been answered there.

If you still have a question about COVIDaware MN, use the form below to contact us.

Note about the form and your personal information: You are not required to provide contact information when you use this form. If you send us any personal information using this form, it will only be used to respond to you, to address issues you have identified, or to redirect your message to a government agency that is in a better position to answer your question.

Do not provide any private health information when contacting us. This system is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19.